I  M  E  F  N  A
Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America
If you want to plan for generations, educate your children
Empower through education

Our Vision

Improve Muslim, and under-privileged non-Muslim participation in the intellectual leadership of India.

Our Mission

To help students of underprivileged communities to excel and compete.

Our Strategy

Focus upon education as a means to growing the intellectual leadership of Muslims, and under-privileged non-Muslims in India.
Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America (IMEFNA) is a U.S. based not for profit organization committed to serving economically weak meritorious minority students particularly Muslims in India. We strongly believe that community social standard can be improved only with education and we focus on youngsters to help them excel in education and hence improve their participation in the intellectual leadership of India.

IMEFNA participates in various programs with the help of local community focused on helping young boys and girls get professional education. Through its Upward Bound Program, IMEFNA provides high school students scholarship to attend coaching and review classes for professional undergraduate courses, through Learning centers, IMEFNA provides space and reading materials (books and computer) to the students who are interested in competing exams, through student empowerment program IMEFNA helps students gain knowledge in various skills like spoke English, Computer skills, career planning, resume building etc, through GAIN program IMEFNA attempts to help students apply for scholarship at various agencies. IMEFNA also partners with other organizations to help setup vocational training centers like computer training, ITI, technical skill development for women etc .
IMEFNA ask all its scholars to pledge to support / sponsor other students once they enter their professional life and support the next generation and engage in community development and intellectual leadership.

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