I  M  E  F  N  A
Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America
If you want to plan for generations, educate your children
Empower through education
Through the following educational initiatives, Indian Muslim Education Foundation of North America is dedicated to increase the participation of Muslims in the social leadership in India. Our attempt is to increase Muslim student's participation in professional and higher education and help build strong and vibrant Muslim community in India Insha Allah.
1. Upward Bound Program
Professional education coaching is very expensive and often a barrier for needy meritorious student to not even attempt for such courses. Typical review/ coaching cost ranges from about INR 40,000/ year - INR 80,000/ year. IMEFNA Upward Bound Program, identifies student on merit cum need basis and sponsor part of the cost for such program.
2. Learning Centers
IMEFNA recognizes that books and libraries are scarce in India and thus it helps setup a library with the most popular books/ study material for entrance exams for undergraduate professional courses. IMEFNA believes that libraries are more than just a building or collection of books but actually it can serve as a powerful center driven by a desire to learn. These library works as a hub for literacy workshop, reading center and other skills based trainings.
3. Guidance and Information Center (GAIN)
IMEFNA realizes that there should be a program to provide independent guidance to the students in their endeavor to higher education and career. Under this program IMEFNA helps students to get financial help from other institutions (scholarship support program) and build soft skills (student empowerment program) for career development.
3.1 Government Scholarship Support
IMEFNA understands that there are various agencies providing financial help to the students and its information is not easily available, also it is very difficult for students to know about all such avenues. IMEFNA centers continuously works on collecting such information, we build financial aid database and then contact schools and students to provide such information free of cost. We also help student with filling up the forms and prepare all required documentation.
3.2 Student Empowerment Program
IMEFNA believes that there is a need to empower students not only by helping them gain admission to professional education but also by providing student training on soft skills like "English communication", "time management", "discipline", "career planning" etc. This program is executed by sponsoring workshops by reputed educator, motivational speaker or people of reputation to help ignite students desire to learn and achieve higher standards.
4. Supporting Other Educational Effort
IMEFNA also supports other nonprofit organization in their educational programs whenever it finds it appropriate.